Industrial-grade Audio Zone Mixer
Professional mixer that can assign BGM and announcements to 3 zones


A powerful multi-channel, multi-zone mixer housed in a compact 2U desgn, The TASCAM MZ-223 offers
versatile multi-zone audio routing, mixing, and segregation of several audio sources simultaneously.
Source content can include music, spoken word (microphone), phonograph, and more and are easily
controlled via familiar sliders and assignment controls on the front panel. Designed for easy integration
in virtually any system, the TASCAM MZ-223 is ideal for small format install applications such as
moderate sized hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, schools, or any situation that demands
independently routed audio.
The MZ-223 allows multiple audio sources to be mixed, segregated, and routed to 3 independent zones
or destinations using familiar volume sliders and assignment buttons. Input signals can be inserted via 5
audio channels, each consisting of 2 sets of unbalanced RCA stereo pairs. A total of 10 sets of RCA inputs
are provided. Channels 1 and 2 can be set to accommodate phono-level signals for use with a turntable.
In addition located conveniently on the front panel, 2 mic-compatible XLR


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