Tascam MZ-372

Industrial-grade Audio Zone Mixer

Professional Mixer for Centralized Management of Various Input Sources from a Single Unit


Designed for permanent installation, the TASCAM MZ-372 offers versatile routing, mixing, and control of

multiple audio sources in an attractive easy-to-operate 3U package. For maximium flexability, source

content can include music, spoken word (microphone), turntable, and more – all easily controlled via

familiar sliders and assignment controls.

The MZ-372 allows multiple audio sources (19 total) to be mixed, muted, and routed to 2 redundant

outputs, controlled by familiar volume sliders and assignment buttons. Input signals can be inserted via

6 audio channels, each consisting of 2 sets of unbalanced RCA stereo pairs, and 6 XLR inputs for a total

of 12 sets of RCA inputs and 6 XLR inputs. In addition, channels 2/3/4 can be set to accommodate

phono-level signals for use with a turntable. Lastly, and located conveniently on the front panel, one

additional XLR input is available driving a studio quality mic preamp and ducking circuit for easy

voiceover and announcement work.