Triad Orbit SM-GP

SM-GP, Genelec One Series Plate has hole sets for most Genelec speakers.


The Triad Orbit SM-GP speaker plate has four (4) holes spaced 127mm X 70mm to accommodate Genelec One series speakers and (4) holes spaced 108mm X 51mm for smaller Genelec speakers. Note: Previous Genelec models, or 8030C, that have 2 mounting holes can mount directly to the SM-SW1 swivel using the 50mm-108mm slotted holes. No adaptor plate is necessary.
SM-GP’s holes also accommodate ATC SCM12i Pro and Meyer Sound Ultra X Series. the Meyer Sound Ultra X series.


The Triad-Orbit, Precision® AV Atmos Speaker Mount System offers many options for mounting onto walls, ceilings or Triad-Orbit® IO. This uniquely designed patent-pending speaker mounting system allows the installer to meet the critical demands of Dolby Atmos installations, providing unparalleled flexibility in mounting and alignment options and saving installation and laser alignment time. SM-1 system features multiple speaker mounting plates for different manufacturers, dual redundant locking mechanisms, and 15-degree locking positions in both the tilt and pan axis. Optional mounting configurations are available to accommodate wall, ceiling, long drop ceiling, pipe, and truss mounting.

System Components

  • SM-WM1 wall/ceiling mount houses the SM-SW1 swivel. The SM-SW1 slides into the SM-WM1 mount and secures by 4 hex screws. This allows the speaker to be attached to the swivel first and then slide the assembly into the SM-WM1 mounting plate.
  • SM-SW1 swivel can accommodate the various speaker mounting plates or can connect directly to speakers that have a dual-hole pattern (50mm-80mm). SW-1 has spring pins in 15-degree increments as well as secondary tension locks in both the tilt and pan axis.

Speaker Brackets

  • SM-705B and SM-708B (JBL 705p/708p speakers) have five possible mounting points for optimal positioning. Refer to the provided instructions for mounting options.

Mounting Plates

  • SM-7iP (non-powered JBL 705/708 installer series) speaker plate has four (4) 50mm holes and four (4) 80mm slots for ease of mounting. This allows both vertical and horizontal orientation when attaching to the SM-SW1 swivel.
  • SM-GP (Genelec) speaker plate has four (4) holes spaced 127mm X 70mm to accommodate Genelec One series speakers and (4) holes spaced 108mm X 51mm for smaller Genelec speakers. Note: Many Genelec and other speakers may connect directly to the SM-SW1 using the 50mm-80mm slotted holes.
  • SM-PM1 pipe mounting plate is intended for use with standard 3/4” NTS pipe thread for long drop hanging or extending off of walls.
  • SM-IOM1 is designed to be used with Triad-Orbit IO-connected components. Use with Triad-Orbit IO-GC grip clamp for truss mounting configurations.
  • This list will be updated as new speaker manufacturer plates are approved for use. Contact Triad-Orbit if you do not see an intended-use speaker on this list.
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