Artnovion Acoustics Andes – Absorber

An elegant premium acoustic treatment


About this item



Andes Absorber was designed to control noise, sound reflections and excessive reverberation, in a decorative manner. Manufactured with premium materials and carefully wrapped with acoustic fabric, this product has an outstanding performance from mid to high frequencies.

The innovative design of our rear panels’ air cavities provides maximum absorption surface and extra absorption coefficient efficiency, smoothing the absorption frequency spectrum.

The innovative frame design confers precise dimensions to each panel that allows for perfectly aligned assembly.

Available in standard market furniture grade fire rate, appropriate for home use applications, compliant with all domestic level fire grades; and Fire Rate + fire resistance, compliant with entry-level fire resistance, certified under specific European and American regulations.

Andes’ frame design confers precise dimensions to each panel allowing for perfectly aligned assembly.

Recommended for

– Control Room

– Recording Room

– Home Studio

– Broadcast Studio

– Vocal Booth


Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture GradeMaterial:
– Acoustic fabric
– Marine grade plywood structural frame
– Calibrated cell acoustic foam (Rear panels’ air cavities)

Range | Dimensions:
Andes – Absorber | 595x595x85mm
– Equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receiver

Andes Dimi – Absorber | 595x297x70mm
– Equipped with two M6 Screw Thread receiver

Andes Dimi – Velvet | 595x297x70mm




Absorption range:
200 Hz to 8000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
A | (αw) = 1,0


– First reflection control

– RT reduction

– Extended mid-low frequency absorption

– Reducing excessive reverberation


Fixing Systems

Wall & Ceiling

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