Artnovion Acoustics Myron E – Diffuser

2D – QRD Diffuser


Myron E – Diffuser 

In spaces like recording control rooms, sound mastering rooms or other high fidelity listening environments where the sound quality is critical, controlling the bandwidth of diffusion is a priority. Myron E Diffuser was conceived and developed by Artnovion with a specific technical advantage, which allows it to perform way beyond what most of other sound diffusing products are able to deliver.

This EPS panel is available in 3 different colours, and is especially easy to install.

Omnidirectional primitive root diffuser – Sculpting acoustic quality

Recommended for

– Control room

– Recording room

– Home studio

– Broadcast studio

– Drum room

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture GradeMaterial

– 595x595x150mm

Why use diffusion?
Diffuser panels scattering incoming sound waves into smaller, lower energy waves, scattered over a large area. These scattered reflections create a homogeneous sound field distribution and a full, balanced acoustic response. This improves speech intelligibility, music quality, and creates a more uniform, larger sweet spot.


-Omnidirectional primitive root diffuser
-Optomized primitive root reflection phase grating.
-100 phase Block heights

Scattering range:
630 Hz to 6300 Hz


– Enlarging sweet spot

– Specular reflection control

– Flutter echo control


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