Digital Audio Labs Livemix DA-816

8 Channel Analog Output for Wireless In-Ear Monitors


The DA-816 output rack unit is for connecting to wireless in-ear transmitters, powered monitors or powered house speakers. The DA-816 connects to the MIX-16 or MIX-32 via shielded CAT5e network cable. Each DA-816 provides eight stereo TRS outputs. The DA-816 provides stereo balanced outputs for 8 personal mixes. Flexible SoftRoute™ mix assignments and test tone capabilities make for quick setup. Front panel LEDs indicate a personal mix is assigned to one or more of the outputs. When the Output ID feature is enabled and output is selected, the front panel LED illuminates and a test tone is sent to the output.

16 balanced TRS outputs in stereo pairs
The 16 balanced TRS outputs on the DA-816 provide stereo outputs for up to 8 Livemix mixes.

Easy setup from CS-DUO personal mixer with SoftRoute
Seamlessly assign mixes to wireless in-ear monitors using SoftRoute™ on the Livemix CS-DUO or CS-SOLO personal mixers.

Output ID with Indicator LED
The Output ID makes it easy to identify devices connected to DA-816 outputs. When engaged, a front panel LED flashes and a test tone is sent through the selected output. No more digging behind the rack to find out what output is connected to what transmitter.

Option Card Slot
For future compatibility, an option card slot is included on the back of the DA-816. This ensures that the Livemix system always stays current with new technologies.


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