DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone

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DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone

Transparency, detail, and depth of sound

  • Acoustic authenticity
  • Linear throughout a large frequency bandwidth
  • Detailed and natural reproduction
  • High sensitivity and low noise floor
  • Excellent for concert halls and spot-miking acoustical instruments
  • Modular flexibility

The DPA 4006 Omnidirectional Microphone offers total transparency in any recording situation. It picks up incredible detail and depth of sound. The definition of its high-frequency characteristics across a wide range of instruments is impressive. It offers natural sound, high sensitivity, low noise floor, and linear frequency response from 10 to 20 kHz (±2 dB).

This mic is linear and true in character. It has earned its status as a worldwide recording standard and is our most popular pencil mic. This highly sought-after mic has forged its enviable reputation over the past quarter of a century by repeatedly exhibiting its total transparency in any recording situation.

4006A Omni Mic

This is a very flexible solution. Engineers, broadcasters, and musicians alike can achieve clean, natural, and precise sound reproduction. This mic is ideal for A-B stereo pairs for symphonic concert hall recordings. It also excels on vocals, for close miking all types of instruments.

A wide selection of accessories is available, including acoustic pressure equalizers, a nose cone, and interchangeable protection grids. These accessories can acoustically transform the mic. By changing grids, it is possible to gain several unique frequency responses and directional characteristics. Furthermore, these accessories will not produce any phase shift, noise, or distortion that would otherwise be introduced by an electrical filter. These accessories are available in Stereo Kits and Surround Kits.

4006C Compact Omni Mic

Whenever a small, lightweight, and inconspicuous microphone for top-quality recording is required, the 4006C Compact Omni Mic is a perfect choice. The mic design is compact and clean.

This is a very versatile recording microphone. It is popular as an A-B stereo pair in concert halls where quality recordings can sometimes be compromised by classic architecture. The mic can be mounted, hung, or concealed to create clean, transparent recordings.

It is ideal for use in theatres, opera houses, concert halls, and houses of worship – anywhere there is a live audience. It can also be for film recordings, both in the studio and on location. Musicians like to use this mic to close-mic some instruments, such as the double bass, trumpet, and piano. At the same time, they are fantastic for ambiance miking on soundstages, in sports stadiums, and in other environments where audience sound needs to be recorded.

4006E Omni Mic

When small, lightweight, and barely visible microphones for top-quality recordings are required, the active cable design and clean, transparent sound of our ultra-compact 4006E Omnidirectional Microphone make them the perfect choice. The mic features an integrated cable solution with either side (4006ES) or rear (4006ER) cable entry.

These mics are particularly popular as A-B stereo or Decca Tree pairs in concert halls. The SM4000 Suspension Mount is included in the package, allowing the mic to be hung from the ceiling to create precision spot-miking of orchestra sections or ambiance atmosphere.

This solution is ideal in theatres, opera houses, concert halls, or houses of worship and for film applications, both in the studio and on location. These mics are also popular for ambiance miking on soundstages, in sports stadiums, and in other environments where ambient sound needs to be recorded.

The 4006ES replaces the non-modular legacy 4051 Omni Condenser Mic and the 4006ER replaces the non-modular legacy 4052 Omni Condenser Mic.

Combine with the preamp of your choice

As with all of the modular pencil microphones, you can combine the Omni Mic Capsule with any of our preamps.

The MMP-A  Microphone Preamp is an ultra-transparent, transformerless preamp with an active drive for impedance balancing. The MMP-C Compact Microphone Preamp is an ultra-compact preamp with an active drive for impedance balancing. It has a slightly softer character than the other preamps for our pencil microphones.

Other preamps include the very small form factor types MMP-E Modular Active Cable (XLR output) and MMP-G Modular Active Cable (MicroDot output), allowing for very slim set-ups. The MMP-G even allows you to match a larger microphone directly to a wireless transmitter.

You can combine any of the preamps with any of the modular capsules in the Pencil Microphones Series.

A bit about omnis

An omnidirectional microphone has sensitivity at all angles – in principle picking up sound equally from all directions. This gives you an extremely natural and realistic sound compared to a cardioid mic. Omni mics are often used for picking up ambient sounds, as well as miking a large sound source such as a choir in a recording situation. Unfortunately, due to their pickup pattern, omnis can also produce a lot of feedback in live situations.

Nonetheless, we recommend that you try a DPA omni first because, when used close to the sound source, the equal frequency response makes these mics a flexible addition to your audio toolbox. It will often give a more natural sound, it can handle extremely high sound pressure levels, it does not suffer from proximity effect, and is not as sensitive to wind, pop, or handling noise.


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