Ehrlund EHR-E


EHR-E is a light studio microphone that can handle very high sounds. Condenser microphone with a unique triangular membrane. True cardioid Frequency Range 7-87kHz. Aluminum body, housing made of toughened stainless steel.


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A light, studio microphone suitable for most instruments. The Ehrlund EHR-E can handle very high sounds. Due to its small format, it’s very versatile in usage and is great for electric guitars, horns, toms, snares, and vocals.

The EHR-E has an open, airy mesh to minimize acoustic filtering of sounds; a robust build, lightweight and small size. It has a slightly narrower polar pattern than true cardioid which makes it great for miking instruments without getting other sounds ‘bleeding in’ from the sides. The convenient size and weight make it easy to place on drums, horns, guitar amplifiers, and other instruments.


  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Patented internal amplification and power circuits
  • Patented triangular membrane
  • Optimized for instrument and vocal recording
  • Transparent and natural sound
  • Great low-noise performance
  • Phase and frequency linear internal amplifiers
  • Compact size and weight
  • The slightly narrower cardioid pattern results in less “bleed” from the sides
  • Bass frequencies are picked up in an accurate way even at some distance
  • Natural reproduction of fast transients
  • Handles sound pressure up to 137dB for <1% THD
  • The Colouring of sound is negligible and true to the original source
  • The frequency range spans from infrasonic bass to ultrasonic treble
  • Low energy consumption, ~2.0 mA
  • No pre-filtering is needed, Ehrlund microphones are made for flat EQs
  • Each and every Ehrlund microphone is stereo matched with its own model
  • Handles all impedances without altering frequency or phase


Type Condenser microphone Membrane type Triangular membrane combines the  characteristics of both large and small membranes Pickup pattern Cardioid Frequency range 7 – 87000 Hz Sensitivity at 1kHz -42 dBV/Pa (8 mV/Pa) Impedance Handles all impedances Equivalent noise level < 9 dBA Signal-to-noise 85 dBA Dynamic range 128 dB Max SPL (peak) Clip 155 dB 0.5% THD 132 dB 1% THD 137 dB Power supply 48 V Phantom power Current consumption 2.0 mA Connection nanoCon XLR female to 3-pin XLR male Materials Aircraft-grade aluminum body, hardened nickel-plated stainless steel net Finish Glass bead blasting Measurements Ø60 mm x 35 mm x 115 mm Weight 174 grams


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