Grace Design M908

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High fidelity 22.2 monitor controller – includes hardware remote


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The Grace Design m908 Monitor Controller is designed for speaker systems with up to 24 channels, from stereo to  SONY 360RA™,  Dolby Atmos™ 22.2, and any format in between. Built on our legacy of reference audio design, the m908’s audio performance delivers impeccable clarity and detail. Our latest generation AD / DA converters provide incredible dynamic range and resolution, while all-new analog circuitry is designed to be effortlessly transparent and musical.

The m908 system consists of a mainframe audio control unit, remote control unit, and a power supply with dual-redundant universal input power modules. The remote control is based on our m905 stereo monitor controller but scaled up to accommodate added features and playback channel count.

m908 at Blackbird

Grace m908 at Blackbird Studio

Standard features include a total of 68 digital input channels via AES3, TOSLINK, S/PDIF, ADAT Lightpipe, and USB2. Outputs include 16 balanced analog output channels and 24 digital output channels. Up to 16 channels of analog inputs are available with the addition of the optional 8-channel ADC modules, and an additional option module slot provides up to 32 additional digital I/O channels via Dante™ or DigiLink™.

Up to 24 input channels can be received simultaneously and routed to the 24-channel processor, and sample rates of up to 192kHz / 24bit are supported. A powerful DSP section allows for 12 bands of parametric room correction EQ on every channel (or variable numbers of bands per channel totaling up to 85), comprehensive bass management features, and individual channel delay.

The m908 is a fully self-contained plug-and-play monitor controller, with a full complement of monitoring features including cue channels, built-in talkback mic, mono, mute and dim controls, and an exhaustive list of functions relating to surrounding and immersive playback systems. It is designed to enable professionals and facilities to update their workflows for immersive audio playback with a minimum of effort and cost.






  • Standard digital inputs include 24-channel AES3 digital, 16-channel ADAT Lightpipe,
    USB 24 channel inputs, AES3, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK stereo inputs
  • Analog inputs are optional: 8 channel ADC module for 8 or 16 channel analog inputs – these modules are sold separately
  • Standard outputs include: 24 channel AES3 digital out, 16 channel analog balanced out, 24 channels USB2 out
  • Optional Dante™ or DigiLink™ module for an additional 32 channels of I/O
  • 4th generation s-Lock pll clocking system for vanishingly low jitter
  • High-resolution volume control
  • Complete bass management capability
  • 12 bands of parametric room correction EQ on every channel / variable numbers of bands per channel totaling up to 85
  • 64-bit fixed-point filters for room correction and bass management
  • Channel level and delay calibration
  • Comprehensive downmix control
  • Built-in real-time SPL meter
  • Powerful and intuitive remote control unit for access to all system controls and calibration
  • Dual redundant external power supply
  • Reference quality headphone amplifier with cross-feed
  • Flexible talkback system with the built-in mic on the remote control and mic input for external talkback mics
  • Up to 8 stereo CUE paths
  • 4 General Purpose Input and Output pins for interfacing to external system


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