Gyraf G10

Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor *Lead time 4-6 weeks from ordering


Gyraf G10

The Gyraf G10 is a true tube stereo compressor based on the classic variable-mu principle. This method – controlling the gain by altering quiescent current in differential tube pairs – is much faster than the optical method.


With a classic design, the G10 will fit into every studio. The two handles make it easy to transport or move the product, and the material of the switches is a must-feel experience.


The G10 is floating, the transformer is balanced in and out. We have recently further developed the G10 into the G10/Hpf version, which allows high-pass filtering of the controlling sidechain signal.


The controls on the G10 are the input level pot, the threshold pot, the ratio pot, the attack pot, the release pot, the output level pot, and the bypass switch.


This vari-mu compressor is the most expensive box in the Danish company’s range but nothing looks like it or sounds like it”George Shilling, Resolution Magazine


  • A true tube stereo compressor based on the classic variable-mu principle
  • Based on a very minimalistic true-differential signal path from input to output
  • The input level pot is positioned right after the input transformers
  • Threshold pot controls at what level the compression will set in
  • The ratio pot controls the amount of compression in relation to changes in the input level
  • The attack pot controls the time the compressor takes to react to a rising input level
  • Release pot controls the amount of time it takes from the input signal falling below the threshold to the gain reduction being returned to unity
  • The output level pot controls the signal level to the output driver stage and the output
  • The bypass switch bypasses the unit completely


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