iZ Corp – RADAR Converter

A scalable new interface that combines RADAR analog cards and Dante® connectivity


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Each Half-U frame can hold two Classic, Ultra-Nyquist or CLASSIC sound cards for up to 16 I/O. A single interface can be connected through a standard Ethernet port using Dante Virtual Soundcard software. For high channel counts and lower latency, connect using third-party PCIeR cards, thunderbolt expansion boxes, or HD bridge devices. The sample rate auto-syncs with your DAW and Dante Controller makes routing incredibly easy. Get 64 I/O in a 2U rack space — or scale up as required.

Connections and Levels
  • Up to 2 x 8 channel analog I/O cards may be installed for a total of 16 channels of analog I/O per Converter chassis.
  • Chassis can be chained together for up to 128 I/O via Dante® connectivity.
  • Input Connectors (per 8 channel card): 1 x DB-25, 25-pin connectors (balanced) Tascam wiring standard
  • Output Connectors (per 8 channel card): 1 x DB-25, 25-pin connectors (balanced) Tascam wiring standard
  • Operating Level: +4 dBu with selectable headroom
  • Input and Output Level Select (maximum level): +18, +20, +22, +24 dB

Compatible Analog Cards-

Ultra-Nyquist 192 kHz

Ultra-Nyquist analog cards deliver the most pristine and euphonic conversion of any 8 I/O card RADAR has ever produced. With lower noise and distortion than even the famed S-Nyquist (192 kHz) and Nyquist (96 kHz) designs, Ultra-Nyquist sound cards will lift the blanket off any mix. Characterized by rich, warm tones, incredible presence, and crystal clear highs, the Ultra Nyquist converters preserve audio integrity by providing the highest fidelity conversion possible on any recording.


Classic 96 kHz 

RADAR Classic 96 analog cards maintain the high-quality, signature RADAR sound without compromising disk space. Never harsh or biting, Classic 96 converter cards are optimized to bring 8 I/O of clear, transparent sound to rock and live recording applications.  The Classic 96 delivers the same warmth, bottom end, and performance characteristics as the historic Classic analog I/O cards, but with the sample rate range extended up to 96 kHz.


**RADAR 2, 24, V, 6, Studio or ADA cards are compatible.






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