Linea Research ASC48

ASC48 Signal Processor


Linea Research ASC48

The Advanced System Controller from Linea Research is a high-performance and easy-to-use signal processor for sound systems. With processing for 4 inputs and 8 outputs, it takes advantage of the latest analog to digital conversion and DSP technologies to deliver flawless audio that outclasses its competition.

ASC48 Features

  • Four input channels and eight output channels
  • No compromise audio performance
  • Unique, precise, 96kHz Digital Signal Processing
  • Analog and AES3 inputs and outputs
  • Ethernet remote control via Linea’s System Engineer PC application
  • The full front panel user interface offers simple intuitive local operation
  • 3rd party control via contact closure ports allows easy system integration
  • OEM friendly with flexible parameter hiding
  • Fully designed and engineered by Linea’s in-house development team
  • Manufactured, tested, and supported entirely in the UK

The advanced 96kHz DSP provides an array of unique and genuinely useful features. Because all aspects of the DSP algorithms are designed and handcrafted in-house by Linea, they are not available on products from any other manufacturer. For example, LIR linear phase crossover filters are as easy to use as more conventional filter shapes and have less latency than FIR filters. Also, the powerful VX Limiter suite sports Peak, RMS, and Excursion limiting, as well as multiband limiting for passive 2-way enclosures.

Supporting analog AES3 and Dante™ inputs and having both analog and AES3 outputs, all under full remote control, makes the ASC48 suitable for use in the most demanding applications, especially when flexibility is paramount.

When used as a loudspeaker management system or digital crossover, the ASC48 brings state-of-the-art facilities and performance, however, the ability to receive, process, and transmit audio without it leaving the digital domain makes the ASC48 an ideal central controller for large systems, even when amplifiers with in-built DSP are being employed.

Ethernet is used for remote control while a front panel, optimized for use in challenging environments, allows full local control of all features. Control via Linea’s intuitive System Engineer application provides many convenient and time-saving features such as very flexible management of presets, and Overlay grouping of Mutes, Gains, Delays, and EQ across an entire system.


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