Lynx Aurora DB-ADAT


Aurora(n) ADAT Daughter Board for the LM-DIG AES/EBU Digital I/O Module


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Lynx Aurora DB-ADAT

Add-on module for LM-DIG

Continuing in the tradition of non-obsolescence design, Lynx adds the Lynx DB-ADAT daughterboard that brings ADAT and S/PIDF connectivity when paired with an LM-DIG Aurora(n) module.

Now the industry-leading Aurora(n) interface can be configured to connect directly with other audio devices that support ADAT and/or S/P DIF protocol.

With its 300,000:1 jitter reduction capability, Aurora’s SynchroLock 2 technology provides immunity to high levels of jitter which is typical in optical signals. The DB-ADAT also allows
Aurora functions as a bi-directional format converter, converting ADAT to AES/EBU and analog and back to ADAT.

Key features

  • ADAT daughterboard for the LM-DIG AES/EBU digital I/O module
  • Provides ADAT and S/PIDF connectivity when paired with an LM-DIG in an Aurora(n) Interface*
  • 4 high-quality optical connectors with two inputs and two outputs
  • 8 channels per port (16 total ADAT channels of I/O) at 44.1k and 48k
  • 4 channels per port (8 total ADAT channels of l/O) at 88.2k and 96k
  • 2 channels per port (4 total ADAT channels of I/O) at 176.4k and 192k ADAT



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