Meyer Sound USW-112P Compact Narrow Subwoofer

Compact, self-powered, 12″, 1,500W subwoofer


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The Meyer Sound USW-112P is a compact, self-powered, 12″ subwoofer with a 1,500W Class D amplifier in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing birch enclosure.

If you’re looking for a compact powerful subwoofer to complement a Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker or other compact systems, the USW-112P self-powered subwoofer is the solution you seek. It delivers powerful low-frequency performance in a compact, versatile package. Designed for space-challenged venues or portable applications, its low-profile cabinet measures just 23-2/1″ high by 13-1/2″ wide by 12″ deep. With its great power-to-size ratio, it provides big bass sound for very tight spaces. Its compact rectangular enclosure and slanted connector panel enable flush-mounting of the cabinet against wall surfaces, reducing required installation depth to 12″ including connectors (!). Along with its ability to provide high performance in tight space, the USW-112P also offers an appealing aesthetic appearance. With its shallow footprint and lightweight, it can go anywhere and fit anywhere, from churches and clubs to restaurants and small theaters.

Meyer Sound USW-112P at a glance:

  • High power-to-size ratio
  • Discrete appearance and versatile, as it accommodates either vertical or
  • horizontal placement
  • Fits into tight architectural spaces at only 12″ deep including connectors
  • Clean and low distortion output due to its proprietary low distortion driver and low air velocity port

Meyer Sound USW-112P Parsing the Details:

The USW-112P is a 1,5000W, self-powered subwoofer with a low-frequency extension down to 35Hz. It’s designed to perfectly complement the ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker as well as a range of Meyer Sound loudspeakers including the UPM, UP-4slim, Ashby-5C, and Ashby-8C. 

High-power, low distortion

Thanks to Meyer Sound’s proprietary 12″ low-distortion, long-excursion driver, which enhances low-frequency performance in the 35 to 140Hz range, the USW-112P delivers clean, low-distortion output at any output. Additionally, its cabinet incorporates a low-air-velocity port tuned for high efficiency, linear response, and low distortion. 

Processing power too

The USW-112P’s built-in and highly efficient Class D amplifier delivers a linear 123dB peak SPL, measured using Meyer Sound’s proprietary M-Noise* test signal that provides accurate measurement in real-world environments. Sophisticated signal processing includes electronic crossover, correction filters for phase and frequency response, and driver-protection circuitry. The crossover accepts full-range signals, enabling daisy-chain signal distribution and eliminating the need for external crossovers in smaller systems.

*Meyer Sound’s M-Noise is a test signal that promotes standardized measurement of a loudspeaker system’s maximum linear output. A mathematically derived test signal that effectively emulates the dynamic characteristics of music, M-Noise enables far more accurate measurement of a loudspeaker system’s linear peak SPL in any application requiring reproduction of musical content.

Anywhere you want it, that’s the way you need it

The 47-pound USW-112P fits anywhere, from churches and clubs to restaurants and small theaters. Its compact rectangular enclosure and slanted connector panel enable flush-mounting of the cabinet against wall surfaces, reducing required installation depth to 12″ and that includes the connectors. You can orient it in a horizontal or vertical position, via two integrated M8 mounting points, which can be used with an optional U-bracket to enable wall, ceiling, or truss mounting. Other options include a 35mm stand-mount receptacle with M20 threads for added stability.

Remote monitoring via Mac or PC

Not leaving anything to chance, the optional RMSTM remote monitoring system module provides comprehensive, real-time information about loudspeaker parameters from a Mac- or Windows-based computer running Compass® control software* via the RMServer interface. Optional XLR 5-pin connectors allow composite cables to carry both balanced audio and RMS signals.

* Compass software: A comprehensive and intuitive way to control features and power, Compass software can also integrate with RMServer to monitor the health and status of any twisted-pair connected loudspeaker or IntelligentDC Power Supply equipped with an RMS module. RMS projects store system-wide loudspeaker configurations including page layouts and viewing options for icon, meter, and text.

Access AC without limits

For applications where AC distribution is a limiting factor, the USW-112XP variant incorporates IntelligentDC technology, which receives balanced audio and DC power from a single composite cable—allowing for longer, lighter, conduit-free cable runs.

Eliminate enclosure exposure

The USW-112P’s premium birch plywood cabinet is available in custom finishes. Plus, a weather-protection option features sealed connectors, eliminating the need for rain hoods.  

For more information or assistance integrating a Meyer Sound USW-112P subwoofer into a Meyer Sound or other compact system, call or chat online with your Parsons Audio professional.


Meyer Sound USW-112P Specifications:


  • Operating Frequency Range: 35Hz – 140Hz
  • Phase Response: 45Hz – 120Hz ±30°
  • Linear Peak SPL1: 123dB (M-noise), 123dB (Pink Noise), 125dB (B-noise)


  • Low Frequency: One 12″ cone driver, nominal impedance 3 ohm


  • Connectors: XLR 3 female input with male loop output. Optional XLR 5-pin connector to accommodate both balanced audio and RMS signals
  • Input Level: Audio source must be capable of producing +20dBV (10V RMS) into 600 ohms to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker


  • Type: 2-channel, open-loop, Class-D
  • Total Output Power2: 1500W peak


  • Connectors: PowerCON 20 input with loop output
  • Safety Rated Voltage Range: 100–240V AC, 50–60Hz


  • Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current (>10 sec): 1.4A RMS (115V AC)


  • Dimensions (WDH): 13-1/2″ x 23-1/2″ x 12″ ((343 x 597 x 305 mm)
  • Weight: 44 lb. (20 kg)
  • Enclosure: Premium multi-ply birch with slightly textured black finish
  • Protective Grille: Powder-coated, round-perforated steel


1. Linear Peak SPL is measured in half-space at 4 m referred to 1 m. Loudspeaker SPL compression measured with M-noise at the onset of limiting,

2-hour duration; 50 °C ambient temperature is < 2dB.

  • M-noise is a full bandwidth (10Hz–22.5kHz) test signal developed by Meyer Sound to better measure a loudspeaker’s music performance. It has a constant instantaneous peak level in octave bands, a crest factor that increases with frequency, and a full bandwidth Peak to RMS ratio of 18dB.
  • Pink noise is a full bandwidth test signal with Peak to RMS ratio of 12.5dB.
  • B-noise is a Meyer Sound test signal used to ensure measurements reflect system behavior when reproducing the most common input spectrum, and to verify there is still headroom over pink noise.
  1. Peak power based on the maximum unclipped peak voltage the amplifier will produce into the nominal load impedance.


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