Five-port 1-Gigabit AVB Ethernet switch


MOTU AVB Switch: Technical Specifications

AVB ports 5
Ethernet ports 1
(Note: the five AVB ports can also be used for Ethernet)
Operational bandwidth 10 / 100 / 1 Gigabit
Front panel 12 x activity LED
Power 8-18V DC • 0.5A • tip positive
Dimensions Length: 5 ½ in / 14 cm
Width: 3 ⅝ in / 9.2 cm
Height: 1 ⅛ in / 2.7 cm

MOTU AVB Switch Feature Summary

Standard AVB switch

Industry-standard IEEE 802.1 AVB Ethernet switch.


Supports automatic device discovery and network bandwidth management among connected AVB devices. No IT expertise required.

Standard cabling

Use standard CAT-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cables up to 100 meters.

1-Gigabit operation

Supports high audio channel counts and very low latency.

Guaranteed quality of service

All existing audio and video streams are maintained, regardless of other network traffic.

Unified clocking and sync

Network-wide clock and sync accurate to nanoseconds.

Support for Ethernet

Bridging to standard Ethernet for internet and Wi-Fi.


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