Neumann V 402 Preamplifier


The Perfect Signal Chain

The V 402 is the ultimate compliment to all Neumann microphones in order to unlock their full potential.

Neumann microphones, current or vintage, have always been engineered for sonic perfection.

But finding a preamplifier that matches this excellence wasn’t always easy. Until now! The V 402 is a state-of-the-art dual-channel microphone preamplifier meticulously designed to maintain the sonic integrity of Neumann and other high-quality studio microphones. Its superior transformerless circuitry neither adds nor detracts from the microphone’s original sound image.

Perfection cannot be perfected!

The V 402 establishes a fully transparent signal chain extending from the microphone all the way to the engineer’s ear: The V 402 is equipped with a studio-grade headphone amplifier ensuring uncompromised monitoring quality at the recording stage. Finding the ideal microphone position has never been easier.

Handmade in Germany with Attention to Detail

As a true Neumann product, the V 402 is characterized by attention to every aspect. The DI input, too, is designed for sonic purity. Its sophisticated high impedance input stage captures the sound of electric basses and guitars as well as other instruments with no loss of detail and free from artifacts such as noise. A switchable high pass removes rumble and pops very effectively without signal degradation.

• Dual channel state-of-the-art transformerless microphone preamp
• Two studio-quality instrument inputs with very high impedance
• Switchable low cut removes rumble without signal degradation
• Exceptionally clean headphone amplifier
• Easy monitoring mix with volume control for each channel
• Handmade in Germany



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