PSI Audio Sub A225-M

The PSI Audio Sub A225-M is a powerful subwoofer and perfectly fits the A21-M and two units perfectly fit A25-M. It extends the frequency down to 24 Hz.


Full range accurate Subwoofer – PSI Audio Sub A225-M

“The real trick is to simultaneously provide a pure neutral processed signal and bypass all the obstacles on the road to obtain it.” 

“PSI Audio staff challenged laws of physics and mechanical constraints. Engineers from the company PSI Audio mastered this art.” – Estrada iStudio!, Poland

Main Features

Power: 300W
Frequency Range: 24Hz – 100Hz
SPL Max: 111dB

100% Analog – No DSP
Flat frequency response
Phase compensated for a better stereo image
Class G Amplifiers
individually calibrated
Typical listening distance: from 1m
5 years warranty
Handmade in Switzerland

Add control on your surround setup or on low frequencies

If you use a surround system or are working with several different speakers, our R&B – Router & Bass management System – could save you a lot of time. R&B is an 8 in / 8 out a transparent matrix that will fit into A225-M and help you select the speakers you are working with. Please note that R&B is an option for the Sub A225-M and is not included as standard.

Sub A225-M – Powerful and accurate subwoofer

Don’t think of a subwoofer, think of adding an extra low-frequency way to your monitor.

Our SUBs are designed and calibrated to seamlessly extend the low-end of any of our loudspeakers and with an overall flat frequency and phase response. The result is remarkable when reproducing low-frequency acoustic instruments. The tight, accurate, perfectly controlled bass allows hearing all details down to 28 Hz and even down to 24 Hz with our larger model.

PSI Audio program includes 2 subwoofers / Low-Frequency Extensions that excel in accuracy and fit the whole range of PSI Audio monitors:
– Sub A125-M is a compact subwoofer and perfectly fits the A14-M or A17-M. Two units perfectly fit the A21-M. It extends the frequency down to 28 Hz.
– Sub A225-M is a powerful subwoofer and perfectly fits the A21-M and two units perfectly fit A25-M. It extends the frequency down to 24 Hz.


Product A225-M
Power RMS 200 W
Program Power 300 W
Continuous Max SPL @ 1m 111 dB (single)
Program Max SPL @ 1m 116 dB (pair)
Response at -6dB 24-100Hz
Tolerances ± 2.0 dB(28 Hz – 65 Hz)
Phase tolerances
(P.N. 4-16 kHz) at -6 dB
System 1-way
Crossover frequency 90 Hz
Woofer dim. Ext. / 2x ø 258 mm /
Diaphragm mm ø 210 mm
 Woofer dim. Ext. / 2x ø 10.2 in /
Diaphragm inch ø 8.3 in
Medium dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm mm
Medium dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm inch
Tweeter dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm mm
Tweeter dim. Ext. /
Diaphragm inch
Dimensions W x H x D mm 320 x 700 x 500
Dimensions W x H x D inch 12.6 x 27.7 x 19.9
Net Weight kg 35.6 kg
Net Weight lbs 78.3 lbs
Warranty 5 years


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