RTW TouchMonitor TM7

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7″ Desktop TouchMonitor for Post Production, TV Broadcast and Video Editing


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RTW TouchMonitor TM7

For environments where space is an issue, an audio metering unit of the TouchMonitor TM7 series is the ideal choice. Combining the simple and flexible operational concept and GUI of the TM9 with a 7″ high-grade touch screen, the TM7 lets you configure the instruments of your choice with ease.

  • Measures Analog, AES3, SDI, Dante, and Ravenna AoIP depending on the selected connector panel
  • Up to 32 audio channels can be monitored
  • Redundant network support with devices equipped with AoIP connectors

Make it Your Own

Whether it comes to software or hardware, TouchMonitor is super flexible.

Our software licensing structure allows you to equip your device with precisely the type of features you are looking for, and with our customizable screen layout, you can tailor it to match your exact needs – whether that might be a super simple or a highly advanced setup.

Basic Software and Extensions

The fully scalable, modular software concept allows flexible configuration according to your needs.

The 4-channel basic software (4 x Mono, 2 x Stereo, 2 x Mono and 1 x Stereo, Peak Hold, Phase Meter, Global Keyboard, Gain-Reduction) can extensively be expanded by activating optional software licences like Multichannel Mode, Loudness, RTA, and others.

The current firmware version provides measurements of immersive surround formats. On new devices with appropriate audio interfaces, these signals can also come from AoIP data streams now.


  • Easy and fast touch screen control with comfortable onscreen help
  • Highly flexible screen layout options with a scalable instrument
  • Powerful DSP platform for the parallel display of multiple instruments
  • 16 channel audio interfacing including analog, AES3, and AES3id (depending on hardware version)
  • 3G-SDI interface for audio signals of 3G/HD/SD SDI data streams (depending on hardware version)
  • Models with Dante™ or Ravenna/AES67 and ST 2110 AoIP connectivity for up to 32 channels
  • Fully scalable, modular software approach for flexible configuration and easy on-site upgrades
  • Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA, and GPIO ports
  • 7″ touch screen 16:9 TFT
  • Table-top unit, approx. 198 x 138.5 (163) x 46 (95) mm, W x H x D (with table-stand), incl. mains adapter
  • Flush mount versions are available (please contact our sales department)
  • Standard Software (4-ch. PPM, TruePeak meter, correlator, global keyboard, gain reduction)
  • Other software modules available as options

Tailor Made Models

With TouchMonitor you have endless ways of combining hardware and software. To ease it all up, we have created a number of tailor-made models that fit specific applications.


7″ Desktop TouchMonitor for AoIP network-based Post Production, TV Broadcast, and Video Editing (Ravenna, AES67, ST 2110)


7″ Desktop TouchMonitor for AoIP network-based Post Production, TV Broadcast, and Video Editing (Dante®)


7″ Desktop TouchMonitor for Post Production, TV Broadcast, and Video Editing (AES3, 3G-SDI)


7″ Desktop TouchMonitor for Audio Production and Post Production (Analog, AES3)


7″ Rack-mount TouchMonitor for TV Broadcast and Post Production (AES3, 3G-SDI)


7″ Mountable TouchMonitor for TV Broadcast and Post Production (Analog, AES3)

Custom Models

TouchMonitor TM7 comes in a variety of incarnations. We have Taylor-made a number of models suited for specific applications, but if none of those fit your needs, you can custom-build a TouchMonitor at no extra cost.

Learn more >

Software Options

Every device comes with a comprehensive basic software package including all relevant measuring tools and instruments for immediate use in many applications.
For specific requirements, the feature set can be expanded with software licenses, each containing a number of features.

Basic Software

The basic software that comes with a TouchMonitor gives you all the basic instruments

Multichannel Mode

Expands the signal routing to the simultaneous display of more than 4 channels or channel groups (3.1 to 7.1, multi-channel)

Loudness and SPL Display

Extension with Loudness (EBU, ITU, ATSC, ARIB, OP-59, AGCOM, CALM, et al) and SPL functions, and Loudness Range instrument (LRA)

Real-Time Analyzer

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer instrument for displaying the spectral content of the input channels

Surround Sound Analyzer

Visualization of the interaction of all important parameters of surrounding signals

Radar Display

High-resolution circular Loudness or longitudinal chart display for Momentary values and history

Premium PPM and Vectorscope

Expands the basic 4-channel PPM with additional scales, additional display modes, PPM/VU moving coil instruments, and 2-channel Audio Vectorscope

Timecode Reader

Decoding and display of SDI embedded or LTC timecode and the possibility of recalculation


Tool to generate line test signals and automatic analysis of received BLITS 5.1 test signals

Logging Data Server

Export of measured data via IP connection or USB flash drive and Chart instrument for the display of the course of a measurement directly on the TM

Immersive Sound Analyser

Dynamic display for visualizing the interaction of all signal parameters of spatial (immersive) surround formats and cross-group total loudness measurement


Converts TouchMonitor devices of TC Electronic to RTW units


1167 – Digital Snake Cable 4 m

Snake cable 4 meter, distributes 25p-D-Sub-M to 4 x XLR-F and 4 x XLR-M (digital inputs and outputs)

1186 – Analog Snake Cable 4 m

Snake cable 4 meter, distributes 25p-D-Sub-M to 8 x XLR-F (analog inputs)

1178-R – Wide Range Power Supply

Wide range 100 – 240 V AC/24 V DC 2.71 A, table-top power supply with a corresponding power cable for different power supply systems


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