Sanken Chromatic CUX-100K

CUX-100K Super Wide Range 3-Way Microphone. Cardioid (Far) • Cardioid (Near) • Omni Modes


Preliminary Product Information
Available Summer 2020

The new CUX-100K super wide range professional microphone is based on the very popular single omni-mode CO-100K design but with the ability to change modes with three settings: Cardioid (Far), Cardioid (Near) and Omni modes. The CUX-100K is a truly unique design, perfect for high-resolution, high sample rate recordings. Check out some of the Sanken Chromatic Artist stories about the CO-100K to see how top engineers and producers have embraced the concept of 100K high resolution recording for orchestral and Broadway main microphone arrays, Foley, location sound effect recording, as well as for all types of acoustic instruments.

The Ultimate Mic for Capturing the Full Breadth of Music

Perfect for capturing the sound of room or performance space in omni mode with the option of directional cardioid near and far. Take control of your sound with the CUX-100K.

In Omni mode, which is the same as the CO-100K, the CUX-100K captures spacial and ambient sounds to perfection typically at least 5 yards from source. With a stunning response up to 100kHz the mic enables subtle nuances of the performance to enhance recordings with a clarity and depth not possible with standard microphones.

In Cardioid (Far) mode, for closer recordings around 3 ~ 4 yards, the CUX-100K records a mix of moderate ambience and the main performance sources. In this mode, rear and the high frequency responses are effectively reduced, in order to reject too much ambience, to suit recordings in smaller spaces.

In Cardioid (Near) mode, less than 3 feet, the CUX-100K can act as the main source mic. In order to reject some of the ambience, the frequency response is limited to 50kHz. The frequency response is flat up to 50kHz, ideal for high quality music.

Because of the way in which analog to digital converters operate, the CUX-100K takes advantage of the heightened frequency response of the new hi-resolution digital audio formats. As X-Y, ORTF, or Decca tree overheads the CUX-100Ks excel, where fidelity is without compromise, to capture the spatial reality of a great sounding room.

  • 100k microphone designed specifically for professional ultra hi-def recording
  • 3 modes for flexibility in recording – Omni, Cardioid (Far), Cardioid (Near)
  • Omni mode for ambient and spacial recording
  • Cardioid (Far) for ambient with source focus
  • Cardioid (Near) for high resolution close performance mic
  • 20Hz to 100kHz Frequency Response – Omni and Cardioid (Far) modes
  • A superb high end response without the need for close miking techniques in Omni mode
  • Perfect for high resolution recording formats, taking advantage of the lack of artifacts as a result anti-aliasing filters
  • Contour of the mic and unique capsule material design are perfectly optimized for a stunning high frequency response
  • Excels as X-Y, ORTF, or Decca tree overheads
  • Designed by Sanken in conjunction with NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories


Model Name CUX-100K
Transducer DC biased condenser and
Self-polarized condenser
Directivity Cardioid (Near & Far) &
Frequency response 20Hz – 100kHz Omni and
Cardioid (Far), 20Hz –
50kHz Cardioid (Near)
Sensitivity -28dB/Pa, 40mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level
17dBSPL (Cardioid),
22dBSPL (Omni)
Max SPL(1% THD) 132dB SPL
Output impedance( 1kHz ) 140 ohms
Powering +48V phantom
Current consumption 4.5mA
Weight 207g/ .46lbs
Dimensions 148mm x 30mm(D)
5.8in x 1.18in (D
Surface finish Matte black
Connector XLR-3M




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