Schoeps CMIT MS Windshield Set Piano

Set with Shotgun Microphone for M/S


Set contains:

  • No. 140101: CMIT 5, shotgun
  • No. 121105: CCM 8 L, compact microphone Fig-8
  • No. CIN-PIA-2: Windshield for M/S with accessories
  • No. 152207: KS 5 U, 2ch cable
  • No. 152202: AK SU/2U, breakout cable, XLR-5F to 2 * XLR-3M


  • Plug & Play Set for M/S with shotgun microphone
  • contains shotgun microphone CMIT 5 and compact microphone CCM 8
  • contains windshield with accessories


Stereophonic recording techniqueMS


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