Schoeps Colette Modular Microphones

Modular Microphone

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Schoeps Colette Modular Microphones

The Colette series was introduced back in 1974 and has since been made up of mutually compatible modules that are constantly being updated and supplemented. No other microphone system has been on the market for such a long time – and we still guarantee that the system will continue to be our most important product in the future. The Colette series invented modularity in microphone technology and is considered more than ever before to be the best small-diaphragm microphone system.

Microphones from our modular Colette series are comprised of a microphone capsule screwed onto an amplification unit. Any capsule can be combined with any amplifier. Active accessories can be inserted between capsule and amplifier if desired. The RC active extension tube in particular graces many high-profile events with its stylish appearance. Due to its modular nature, the Colette system offers a large variety of options, for a wide range of use cases.


SCHOEPS offers 20 different microphone capsules, including omnidirectional, wide cardioid, “Open Cardioid”, supercardioid and figure-8 types, as well as a capsule with mechanically switchable patterns (omni/cardioid) and several capsule types for close pickup of speech.

Microphone Amplifiers


In addition to the standard, phantom-powered amplifier types CMC 6 and CMC 1, SCHOEPS also offers the CMC 6xt type for recordings up to 40 kHz.


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