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An ideal complement to any DAW, WaveLab Elements is the right choice for aspiring musicians and sound designers who want to improve their mixes quickly and get great results. WaveLab Elements includes a wide range of easy-to-use tools that help you create stunning audio masters in no time. WaveLab Elements also includes the entire palette of functions from the dedicated WaveLab Cast app for creating podcasts and audio for vlogs.

  • Quickly and easily master your music
  • Remove unwanted noise
  • More than 25 mastering-grade effects
  • Create content for podcasts, vlogs, and social media

Easy to use. Fast results. Convincing quality.

WaveLab Elements automatically creates crossfades, letting you arrange, cut, fade, and blend music and voices exactly to your taste. It comes with a range of easy-to-use modules, combined with a handy channel strip, which helps you to improve the sound of your master. The “single knob” concept means that you hear the results of your sound manipulation immediately, in real-time.

Mastering-grade effects

EQ your music, enhance speech with the voice exciter and give the entire mix more punch using the compressor module — you need no in-depth knowledge of audio technology to create great results! If you want to explore more possibilities, WaveLab Elements’ Master Section includes more than 20 additional VST plug-ins, among them the mighty MasterRig suite, derived from WaveLab Pro. In WaveLab Elements, MasterRig comprises five studio-grade modules, including Limiter, EQ, Compressor, Saturator, and Imager, offering a great choice of tools to improve the sound of your recordings with punch, saturation, and more presence.

Precise metering. Multiple file formats

Keep track of your frequencies with metering options including Spectroscope, Level Meter, and Oscilloscope. Once finished, you can render your audio into more than 15 different file formats, including WAV and MP3, ready to be published on almost any music platform.

Simple, accurate editing

WaveLab Elements is ready when audio needs to be edited quickly and precisely. A dedicated Audio Editor workspace provides a wide choice of processing tools that are valued by everyone who needs to be certain their audio is always correct. High-quality zoom functions provide views down to individual sample levels (microseconds); tools for time stretching, pitch shifting and phase invert are there to manipulate your favorite sounds. The magnet snap functions make it easy to combine several audio files with no overlaps.

Audio clean-up

WaveLab Elements comes with a renowned professional restoration suite. RestoreRig is your first stop for removing unwanted noises, such as buzzes, clicks, or wind. Together with Global Analysis, which automatically finds peaks, a comprehensive feature set is at hand to clean up and improve your mix.

Create stunning podcasts

WaveLab Elements lets you record and produce podcasts in great quality. Easily create professional arrangements including voice, music, and background effects. To make the interaction between voice and music sound really professional, use the new ducking feature which lowers the background music when speech is detected on the voice track. With WaveLab Elements you can use easily arrange a compilation of different podcasts and recordings all at once. Once your podcast is created, you can upload it directly to podcast directories services such as Spreaker, Podbean, and Soundcloud. In addition, you can create and publish RSS feeds, using your own choice of FTP server or other online storage.

System requirements

Operating systems (Windows)64-bit Windows 10 Version 20H2, 64-bit Windows 10 Version 21H1
Operating systems (Mac)macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey
Apple silicon–based MacRosetta 2 App
CPU minimum (Windows)64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core
CPU recommended (Windows)Intel i5 or faster
RAM minimum4 GB
RAM recommended8 GB
Hard disk free space4 GB
Display resolution recommended1920 x 1080
OS compatible audio hardware
ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance
Internet connection forlicense activation, installer download, account sign up and product registration


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