Triad Orbit IO-SC

IO-Equipped spring clamp


The Triad Orbit IO-SC is an IO-Equipped Spring Clamp that is the fast-mounting version of our IO-GC Grip Clamp.

Synergy Series™ IO-SC

Synergy Series IO-Equipped Spring Clamp is the fast mounting version of our IO-GC Grip Clamp. Fitted with our proprietary IO receiver mounted on a strong hand compressed torsion spring, it can be paired with extensions, booms, micros, or accessories.
Specifications: Max Jaw Capacity: 8 cm. / 3 in.
Max Recommended Weight Capacity: 5 kg. / 11 lb.
Product Weight: 0.4 kg. / 1 lb.
Package Includes: IO-C Clamp
5/8″ female to 3/8″ male adapter
IO-H2 Stainless 5/8″ Mounting Head


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