Triad Orbit Iorbit

Universal Smartphone and Tablet Holder


The new Triad Orbit iOrbit is a universal smartphone and tablet holder with clamping jaws that adjust from a width of 6cm to 27.5cm (2.4 in. to 10.8 in.). iOrbit features a stainless steel ball swivel enclosed in cast alloy housing that provides a smooth 360° range of motion and four 90° crenels for unparalleled support and positioning.

The modular IO mounting head allows the iOrbit to instantly and effortlessly connect to the included IO-C clamp or any Triad-Orbit product.

iOrbit expands to fit phones and even larger tablets with a grip width of 2.55″ to 10.75″. It fits the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as well as many tablets or phones.

The iOrbit features a brass IO hex mounting head which allows it to instantly and effortlessly connect to the included IO-C clamp or any other Triad-Orbit IO-equipped product.

The stem can be positioned up and down the holder, putting the weight of the tablet or smartphone in the center, or shifting it to one side for nearly infinite viewing angles.

iOrbit utilizes the “tried-and-true” ball-swivel locking mechanism found in the Micro 2™ to allow for free positioning anywhere within 360° x 180°, its 3-axis.

Refer to the Triad-Orbit Systems Building Guide for more potential applications.

*iPad & iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. ACCESS Products Group, LLC is not affiliated with Apple Inc.


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