Vanguard Audio Labs V4 gen2


Upgraded 3-pattern 34mm FET condenser with VLSM shock mount


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Well folks, it certainly has been an interesting and challenging time for everyone. In the middle of it all, we took the opportunity to make our great line of studio condenser mics even better. We’re excited to introduce the VANGUARD AUDIO LABS V4 gen2… The impact of this past year of uncertainty was felt in a number of ways by Vanguard Audio Labs, including its effect on our supply-chain partners. Some of our key suppliers had become unreliable or shut down altogether. Since our business has been growing at a pretty stout clip, this forced us to seek out new sources and partners. Our new key supply chain partner has only one other manufacturing client besides us, it’s some fruit company from Cupertino.

We took this opportunity to upgrade not only our supply chain but the current mic line-up as well. From day one at Vanguard Audio Labs, we have always been seeking ways to improve our products and we always will…that is part of our mission. As a result, we have upgraded nearly all of the key signal-path components to audiophile-grade parts, sourced from American parts manufacturers. These upgrades have netted us a lower signal-to-noise ratio (even though we already had a superb reputation for low noise mics), and vastly improved sound staging. In addition, we not only upgraded key components but also made physical design upgrades in several areas, like our new super-robust capsule saddle that makes the capsule assembly nearly impervious to shocks and blows. We even improved the fit and finish of the final product, so not only are they World-Class performers, but they look damn good while they’re doing it! The design team here at Vanguard Audio Labs has worked very long and hard this last year to implement these exciting improvements and we are proud to release these new recreations!

The new V4 gen2 3-Pattern FET mic is truly a “giant killer” …easily winning favor over much-lauded mics in any listening comparison. As with ALL of the gen2 releases, the sonic performance has been given a significant improvement.

● The new stainless steel body was given a size increase to allow for the larger, beefier, audiophile-grade components to fit onto the newly designed PCB.
● The beautiful pinot noir Vanguard finish we’re known for is even more luxurious now…..totally sleek!
● We have enhanced the capsule cradle/saddle assembly, making the V4 nearly impervious to sudden knocks and shocks.
● Vanguard has upgraded a number of key signal-path components to audiophile-grade, and sourced them from USA makers in the process!
● The component and circuit improvements have lowered the self-noise of the V4 gen 2 making it one of the quietest mics ever made.


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