d&b audiotechnik E12X-SUB Compact Subwoofer


The d&b audiotechnik E12X-SUB is a compact, high-performance 300/1,600W (RMS/peak) subwoofer with a long-excursion 12″ neodymium driver, bass-reflex cabinet, 45Hz LF extension.


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d&b audiotechnik E12X-SUB Compact Subwoofer

The E12X-SUB is a compact, lightweight, high-performance subwoofer designed to perfectly complement the d&b E-Series point-source monitors (E4-E8). The E12X-SUB is at its best where real estate is limited and high performance is the order of the day. Whether used in music-orient events or houses of worship, the E12X-SUB brings low-frequency extension down to 45Hz in systems using compact loudspeakers with drivers ranging from four to eight inches.

A built-in passive crossover network allows the E12X-SUB to be used in parallel with the E8 loudspeaker on the same amplifier channel, greatly extending the low-frequency headroom and bandwidth of the systems. Alternatively, it can be operated actively driven by its own amplifier channel without the need for any changes to the subwoofer.

d&b audiotechnik E12X-SUB—At a Glance:

  • Compact subwoofer
  • 12″ neodymium driver
  • Bass-reflex cabinet,
  • 45Hz LF extension
  • 300/1,600W RMS/peak power
  • Omni-directional dispersion
  • 127dB SPL max

d&b audiotechnik E12X-SUB—Parsing the Details

The E12X-SUB is a compact, high-performance subwoofer for use with d&b E-Series loudspeakers. The cabinet houses a long excursion 12″ neodymium driver in a bass-reflex design. It can be operated actively, driven by its own amplifier channel, without the need for any changes to the cabinet. In active mode, the E12X-SUB can be used to supplement any of the E-Series cabinets. Its frequency response extends from 45Hz to 100/140Hz.

Due to the built-in passive crossover network, the E12X-SUB can be operated in parallel to E8 loudspeakers from one amplifier channel, greatly extending the low-frequency headroom and bandwidth of the systems. In Active mode, the E12X-SUB can be used to supplement any of the E-Series cabinets. 

E12X-SUB cabinet

The enclosure is constructed from marine plywood with an impact-resistant black paint finish. The front of the cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent foam. Four rubber feet prevent cabinet movement and protect the bottom panel against scratching.

Correspondingly shaped recesses in the top panel of the cabinet prevent cabinet movement when stacking E12X-SUBs.The cabinet incorporates a handle and an M20 threaded flange in the top panel that accepts the d&b Z5013 Loudspeaker stand for the deployment of E8 or other applicable d&b full-range cabinets.

Cabinet options 

The loudspeaker cabinet is also available in Special Color (SC) and Weather Resistant (WR) options. The Weather Resistant option provides an IP55* rating and enables the operation of loudspeakers in changing ambient conditions.

*The IP Code or International Protection Rating, sometimes also interpreted as Ingress Protection Rating. IP55: Protected against dust ingress that could be harmful for normal operation but is not fully dust-tight. It is protected against solid objects and water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any direction.

The special color (SC) version of the cabinet is available in all colors of the RAL** color table. The connector type is NL4. 

**RAL is a color-matching system that defines standard colors for varnish, powder coating, and plastics. It’s the most popular Central European color standard used today.  

WR option (Weather Resistance) 

A number of d&b loudspeakers are available in special options suitable for different types of installed applications and environmental conditions. The following options are available for the E12X-SUB loudspeaker:

  • Weather resistant (WR): This option is suitable for outdoor use. The cabinets have an impact and weather-protected black PCP (Polyurea Cabinet Protection) finish.
  • Sea water resistant (SWR): This option is suitable for outdoor use, especially in wet and acid or salty environments.

WR cabinets are equipped with a recessed connector panel including a Faston-type connector (2 x 6.3 mm, female). A cover plate that accepts single or dual PG cable glands (Type PG13.5 for cable diameters from 6 – 12 mm) is enclosed. 

E12X-SUB applications

  • Corporate and Industry events
  • Houses of worship

d&b audiotechnik recommended amplifiers

The d&b D20 and 30D amplifiers are recommended to drive the E12X-SUB. The d&b D80, 10D, and D6 can also be used. When the E8-X configuration is selected an E12X-SUB can be driven passively in parallel with an E8 from the same amplifier channel.

Architectural specifications for detailed project planning

If you require architectural specifications for a d&b system or a specific d&b Series, you can find the most important technical specifications ready for download on the d&b audiotechnik website. 

For more information or assistance integrating an E12X-SUB subwoofer with d&b audiotechnik E-series point-source loudspeakers, call or chat online with your Parsons Audio professional today.


System data 

  • Frequency response (-5 dB standard): 45Hz – 100Hz
  • Frequency response (–5 dB 140 Hz mode): 45Hz – 140Hz

Max. sound pressure1

  • D6/10D: 124dB
  • D20/30D: 127dB
  • D80: 127dB
  • Cabinets per amplifier channel: 2

1 1 m, free field, SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4

Loudspeaker data

  • Configuration: Compact subwoofer
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
  • Power handling capacity (RMS/peak 10 ms): 300/1600W
  • Components: 12″ driver
  • Connections: 2x NLT4 F/M; optional 2 x EP5 or 2 x NL4

Dimensions (approx.)

  • H: 14-3/32″ (358 mm)
  • W: 20-15/16″ (530 mm)
  • D: 17-19/32″   (448 mm)


  • 40 lb. (18 kg)

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