Meyer Sound Origin Story

John Meyer has been at the forefront of live sound technology since the early ’70s. Starting with Meyer’s relentless pursuit of improving sound reproduction and clarity heading a research lab in Switzerland where laid the foundations for today’s groundbreaking Constellation system. Since it’s inception in 1979, Meyer Sound has racked up over 40 patents. From pioneering self-powered technology to linear sound systems, Meyer’s most notable achievement, in the tradition of audio research pioneer Dr. Richard Heyser, is Source Independent Measurement (SIM)—a technique that, rather than a standard test tone, uses music itself as a reference signal for measuring a system’s output throughout a performance. SIM earned Meyer Sound an R&D 100 Award in 1992 (given for the 100 best engineering feats in any field worldwide), which is the pro audio industry’s equivalent of a Nobel Prize for technological achievement. However, the important distinction here is that Meyer Sound’s staggering list of innovations, resulting in industry and engineering awards that have advanced the science of audio, are not an end unto themselves. They are merely a byproduct of Meyer Sound’s unwavering pursuit of just one thing:


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Quality the Audience Came For

Meyer Sound Constellation Systems and Voice Lift

Of all Meyer Sound’s achievements, perhaps the most revolutionary is Meyer Sounds Constellation systems and Voice Lift. Constellation systems enable venues to literally change the acoustic response of a room to suit any musical style of performance, from Orchestra to rock band and  everything in between—all at the tap of a finger on an iPad. Voice Lift systems enhance intelligibility while always maintaining natural imaging. The sound is perceived as coming from the location of the person speaking and not from nearby loudspeakers. 

Meyer Sound Family of Loudspeakers

Bluehorn System

Full Bandwidth Monitoring


Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker


Linear Line Array Loudspeaker


Compact Loudspeakers


UltraCompact Installation Loudspeaker


Full-size Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound Loudspeakers Deliver:

Meyer Sound has engineered loudspeaker systems to provide the truest sonic reproduction of every note and every word, with unprecedented accuracy—from the subtleties of classical music, to the thunder of heavy metal, to the fanfare of pro sports. From the deepest bass to sparkling highs, count on the fidelity of Meyer Sound systems to deliver the electrifying sonic experience the audience came for, every time. With Meyer Sound, audio professionals also benefit from a full package of system design and validation tools, training, and support, all of which are provided to make exceptional listening experiences easier to achieve

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